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Welcoming the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit, those who worship at KCPC, strive to put Christ in the center of all things. It is our goal to be faithful to the Bible, to be loving as exemplified by Jesus, and to pray ceaselessly. Our church greatly values our community and the hard work that our followers put into making this world a better place through our programs.

While truth can be elusive, it can still be found. Jesus proclaimed Himself the son of God, but it was through his actions and ultimate sacrifice that proved Him the son of God. That is the path that we strive to follow — a path paved with action.

KCPC is committed to befriending followers and non-followers of God, acting in a compassionate manner, and being subject to one another. We have learned that honest gestures and beneficence is the most meaningful way to embody the love of God. We welcome you to join us.


Learn more about your Lord and Savior by coming to Korean Central Presbyterian Church of Cleveland. At our church, we spread God's word to help build a better, more engaged community. We always welcome new members with open arms

Our Purpose:

  • Put God first.

  • Follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

  • Be filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

  • Build a faithful Christian community.

  • Spread the Gospel with His love.

Our Congregation consists of multi-ethnic members of all ages, including 1/3 college students, 1/3 graduates, and 1/3 family members. Feel free to come in as you are; we dress casually for our services. We have a high-energy praise team that has been our strength for many years now.

We believe in our one and only God in three persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit who is the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Creator of all and whose inerrant truth is told in its fullness in the Old and the New Testaments. In the end, the only begotten Son of God will offer eternal salvation to his followers.

Our services are held in a spacious multipurpose room where we also offer Sunday school education. Many college students and parents become mentors, providing the youth with help and guidance.


At KCPC, we believe that helping the community is extremely important. We reach out to those in need, offering both English speaking and Korean speaking services. You are always welcome to join us in our efforts. We have a variety of programs that you can become a part of.​

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The social life and pressures that families face today are simply overwhelming. Our Agape program is designed to help families feel safe and engaged, minus the outside pressure. Here, married couples and households take turns hosting with a potluck dinner, joyful fellowship, and an engaging discussion of the Word in small group settings.

Group Discussion


Our Young Adult group is focused on building strong bonds between college students and young professionals. Our church provides opportunities for people to become involved in the greater community and throughout the state. By serving our church and each other, we serve God.

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