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2021 Nomination For Church Officers

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

EM has vacant roles for one active elder and 3 active deacons for 2022-2024.

The active registered members of KCPC EM for 3 years or longer are eligible candidates for deacons and 5 years or longer are eligible for elders. The list of eligible candidates is posted online. It will be included in the weekly email this week.

After review the list prayerfully, everyone should send in your nomination or recommendation to Kate Lee (, the EM nominating committee chairperson. You may nominate multiple people for both elders and deacons. Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions. Please send in your response A.S.A.P. or by next Sunday, July 18th preferably. EM nominating committee members will meet and review all responses and make final recommendations. The committee includes one active elder (Kate Lee), a elected liaison to KCPC KM/EM nominating committee (Yonghee Shin), one active deacon of YA (Stephen Kim), one inactive deacon (Yoon Choi) and a member from Agape (Joan Zoltanski).

2021 Nomination Form for Church Officers
Download PDF • 31KB

KCPC EM 2022-24 Eligible Candidate for Nominee as of 7-9-2021
Download PDF • 39KB

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