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Guide to Returning to Church on July 5th

It is with great excitement and rejoicing that we open our doors once again for Our Church Services on July 5th at 10 am! As Psalm 122:1 says, “I was glad when they said to me, Let us go to the House of the Lord.” It will be wonderful to be together again as the Family of God in a big reunion Worshiping The Lord!

Due to our current circumstances, some things at Church will be quite different. We are doing our best to follow wise and applicable guidelines and recommendations that create a safe environment for us all. In light of that, we have developed a guide to returning to KCPC on the 5th, so that you can know what to expect as you prepare for our time together.

I want to also give a special “Shout out” to all of our elders who had prayed, wrestled, and prepared for our re-opening! They met together in the last three months for countless hours in having the right combination of making it as safe as possible for all of us and yet make our worship together as unhindered as possible as well. It was no easy task! A special “Shout out” to Elder Leslie who continues to be the EM Representative/Lead of this Re-opening Taskforce and for all the work that she has done and continue to do for us during these difficult times!

*Now, for those who have an underlying at-risk health condition, feeling ill, have young children, or just don’t feel comfortable coming to Church yet, please feel free to join us for our live worship streaming(We will give you details on how to use our new format!)

For those who are planning to attend, please read below:

Please enter the building entrance near my office. It’s the side entrance near the back of the parking lot where the church vans are parked. Please park in this area as well.

We will have someone check your temperature as you come into that entrance.

Mask Wearing is Mandatory for Everyone!

We will have a new sign-up sheet every week with 27 slots available for that Sunday’s Worship. Please worship with us live at home if there are no slots available for that Sunday. We might tweak this process as the weeks go by.

Please try to use the bathroom sparingly. We understand that if you have to go, you have to go! So, in other words, pee before you come to Church!

We encourage you to maintain good social distance, practice good hygiene by using your elbows to cover your cough, not touching your face, and washing your hands frequently. We will have hand sanitizers in the Worship Space but please feel free to bring your own pocket size ones as well.

All the chairs are already set-up in its appropriates places so please do not move them.

We will not have any printed bulletins. We will have it all on Power-point.

The Offering Plates will be near the Entrance of our Worship Space.

There will be no Congregational Singing! But God loves a Worshipful Heart so you can sing in your heart when the Praise Team leads us into Worship!

Immediately after the Prayer and Benediction, I will dismiss everyone. Please, in an orderly fashion, leave the Worship Area and go out to the parking lot. If you must talk or congregate, please do so outside in the parking lot.

Don’t worry! We will not have people with pepper spray and cattle prods to exact these guidelines! We will gently remind.. Just Please be wise!

Whew! Overwhelmed yet?!

Finally, What a Joy it will be to assemble together once again on the 5th! Please do not let any of the above precautions discourage you as we look forward to this great KCPC family reunion! Hopefully over time, we will have less and less restrictions and limitations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at:

See many of you this Sunday! Praise God for His Protection and Provision!

Pastor Che Kim

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